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His Excellency, Abdussalam Abdulkarim Zaura is the Founder of the AA Zaura Foundation

A Kano-based nonprofit organization founded in 2019. It oversees the creation of the Many units and Centers: The ZH4ALL Initiative, Zaura Education Support Fund (ZESF), Zaura Easy Life For All (ZEL4ALL) amougst many others. The Foundation have prospective development Plans of becoming the Largest in Nothern Nigeria that create positive impact to the lives of Indigent poor. The Founder is a young Man Born in Zaura of Ungoggo Local Government area of Kano State, his dream for Kano is to be a stand out Sub-national amougst it's peers in Nigeria, Building a strong economy with Educated population that cater for the dynamics of the 21st century world - world of Knowledge based economy and maximally utilizes it's scars Resources. This he believes is a collective effort that all and sundry most work towards actualising. hence, his huge investment on Kanawa via various initiatives of the Foundation..

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