This project is one of the numerous projects embarked upon by the AA Zaura Foundation, under the watch and Guidance of His Excellency Abdussalam Abdulkarim Zaura.

The project like many others is aimed at promoting and developing the good people of Kano through environmental Conservatism – this is Because the world all over is facing negative effects of Change in the Climate mostly through the Global warming; Flood, draught, erosion, inferno amongst Other multiplicity of related challenges, the above itemized Challenges poses a number of threats to Human lives and it’s Sustainability.

At the Global parlance, a number of commitments were put in place by World leaders to mitigate effects of these Climate Challenges. The first step taken was to Conduct a scientific study of what actually is the cause of this problem and how best could each and every Country put its effort at Controlling the cause – findings reveals heavy Industrial activities in production and Manufacturing which lead to Fossil (Carbon) emissions causes this challenge, hence, Commitment by world leaders to Reduce the activity so as to Cushion the effect of The Climate Change.

Experts had also revealed that   another non Production Curtailment measure that will not have any negative economic Consequence is tree plantation; hence, the AA Zaura Foundation is making frantic effort in this regard across the 44 Local Government areas of State.


The tree plantation project by the AA Zaura Foundation is proposed to commence on December 25th, 2021. It is aimed at planting 2Million trees using 2Million youths; this translates to having 1 young person planting 1 tree. The project is not only interested in the plantation but, ensure the planted seeds have reached a tree status.

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