As part of my Commitment to Help in Educating an average Child in Kano vide our Foundation – the AA Zaura Foundation, I have Constructed new Classrooms and renovated some in my Community. The Classes that are now in good shape after our little strides, numbers over 14 with well Furnish Offices and Pupils Toilets as well as teaching aids.
These Renovated and Constructed Classes are in a School I attended and was established in the 1970s. As the saying goes, Charity Begins at home, I have started with my Home Village, providing requisite infrastructure in Education and will be expanding this gesture under our Foundation to need parts of our dear state- Kano.
Aside from Infrastructure in Education, soon I will Launch an Education support fund for our Post Secondary Students across the Federation, my Commitment to Educating the girl-Child will see us investing the whole sum to the girl-Child Education support fund as well as token for our secondary School Students – this to support government effort and help produce a productive Populace that makes our State achieve it’s right putting as a Sub-National.
May Allah continue to make our elements of easing the burden of our people.

2 thoughts on “Zaura Build School as Contribution to Kano’s Development

  • I wishes you all the best in everything you are heading. But I will request one thing from you. Please I am following your work and activities, but I didn’t see were you include people with disabilities at all your program. As I am among the person with disability I hope you will look at us.

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